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A tree is a symbol of strength, growth, and endurance, grounded with old roots into the earth and with branches that reach high to the sky. Like a tree with deep roots and tall branches, HollyTree Wellness Centre is a place of healing and growth for our community members. It houses many private practitioners who are rooted strongly in their practice and tradition. Like branches reaching up for the sky, each practitioner has their own path to wellness and area of expertise. There are many branches up to the top of a tree and this is represented in the symbolic meaning behind the name of the centre. Which path you take is up to you and there is no wrong choice.

In Celtic Lore and tradition, the Holly Tree has sacred symbolism and presides over the dark times of the year. Holly is considered a tree of protection and strength. Historically it had been used to calm emotions and heart ache so that wisdom could be found through human suffering and the innate growth that trials inevitably bring. The trees were considered a sign of good luck and ancient Celts would bring the tree into their home for protection, solace, and blessings over the winter months while also using the essence of the tree for divination and spiritual journeying.

The upstairs of the centre hosts three treatment rooms where various private practitioners sublet space by the day making their skills and talents available locally in the Kootenays. The downstairs of the centre houses the Spirit Studio for classes, workshops, meditation, and groups.

If you are interested in renting space or hosting a class or workshop at HollyTree, please enquire directly for details. If you are interested in connecting with a pracitioner, you will find their contact details listed under the "Meet the Therapists" page.

We look forward to working with you!

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